Radio Monitoring

Active, Wideband RF Signal Distributions

Frequency Range 100 kHz … 8000 MHz

The duplication of analog and digital RF signals puts high requirements on active signal distribution components. This applies especially to operation bandwidth and the dynamic range. The products of WSDU series (Wideband Signal Distribution Units) fulfill these demands and offer solutions for almost every application.

New Signal Distribution Units 20 MHz … 8000 MHz

WSDU-1X4ER: active, lossless 1X4 distribution 20 ... 8000 MHz

WSDU-2X4ER: One to eight signal distribution unit for the frequency range 100 kHz … 4000 MHz in the module variant for larger distribution systems.

WSDU-1X8ER: active, lossless 1X8 distribution 20 ... 8000 MHz.



- extremely high bandwidth 20 MHz … 8000 MHz
- high dynamic
- lossless in level
- compact and rugged design 1 U, 19“
- monitoring of operation parameters (optional)



Latest modification: 16.08.2017